What to Know New Automotive Technology

There is no mistake that our cars will be more than just an automobile in the next ten to twenty years. Companies have moved so fast into the future that we can expect to see flying cars in the next two years, if not sooner, some reports state. If you love your automobile and can’t wait to find out what will be the next auto technology to knock your socks of, here is a list of things to come.

Self Driving Cars

We all have seen at least two big tech companies try to get this off the ground and it looks like it is happening. However, it will take around five years until an actual vehicle can simply drive by itself from street to street. Most autonomous cars will be operated by someone or from a remote area. It will depend on the circumstances in which these autonomous cars will roam throughout our cities. It may occur only within or around shopping malls or in small towns to start out.

Car Access

As of today, there are a fair number of cars that have keyless entry. All we have to do is keep the key fob with us as we enter and leave our vehicle. In the next few years, automobile makers will allow us to open our car by a fingerprint. No more jingling keys hanging off your waist or getting lost. You will simply rely on your finger to let you in and drive home.

Health Monitoring

Our seatbelts are about to do more than just keep us safely in our seats. Some companies are fiddling around with technology that allows a basic seatbelt to read our vital signs. It will track all health stats using a wearable piece of technology that can even pair itself with your other devices. Further, this specific technology might be able to call an ambulance if you are having an attack.

Internet Connect

It has been stated in recent media that we can expect our cars to be fully connected to the internet in 2020. This gives marketers a chance to better customize individual messages to their customers and track us even further. Car buyers should get ready to see more local ads in a car’s dashboard. There is a lot of automotive stuff to choose from in the market, consumers are nearly unlimited in their choices.

Window Displays

There are luxury cars that can dim a windshield or even show little digits of the current time. As, Head-Up-Display technology advances, it will now give consumers an opportunity to see more images in their displays.

The next time you think about your car, consider what it will become in the future. You might be riding, in the next few years, an automobile that seems right out of the movies. Cars have evolved every year and we have many different options before us. Finding a great car that is not only safe, but smarter, is the best deal of all.