What I Know AboutTowing I Learned at my RV Dealer

Annually, with the return of spring, the highways of America beckon, the traveler reminisces about road trips past, good times experienced, and interesting people met along the way. Invariably, the e-mails begin arriving from the travel sites where you booked last year’s excursions, notwithstanding that campground with the nearby amusement park the children want to explore again. Interestingly, for residents of the Fort Worth, Texas area, within a day’s drive of Fort Worth, besides all of Texas, are worthy vacation cities like Memphis, New Orleans, and Kansas City. For those four-day mini vacations, Fort Worthians can drive a little further to reach Nashville and Denver, notwithstanding the upcoming entertainment in Branson, and NASCAR at Talladega. Certainly, little wonder that there is a multitude of RV dealers in Fort Worth Texas.

Whether a first-time buyer or a trade-in customer, a vehicle’s safety, and quality are paramount, subsequently comfort and design round out the Big 4 of the consumer’s requirements. Meanwhile, the customer is not as familiar with the RV manufacturer’s names and reputations, as, say passenger vehicle badges. And, with more than 20 dealers in the Fort Worth and nearby Dallas area, the myriad of choices seems daunting. Certainly, smaller dealers offer an attractive purchase or rental price, coupled with a certain level of expertise, but, typically carry few brands. The consumer, consequently, receives limited choices, the dealer striving to rent or sell from the inventory on hand, moving out those slow sellers. Buyer’s remorse follows for those families in a vehicle too large, too small, or not containing all the amenities needed for a comfortable trip, that is, upon awakening, “So, what would you like for breakfast?” means reading the menu at the nearest drive-through. Nagging questions about the choice to rent persist, was the rental vehicle in an accident? Are the tires safe? Has the recommended maintenance been performed?

Alternatively, dealers with more brand names and variety strive to place the RV buyer in a vehicle that is ‘just right’, meaning size, features, and affordability are all in the buyer’s comfort zone. Design? Full-service dealers carry everything from folding campers to those 45-foot Class A diesel pushers and lots of sizes and prices in between. Full-service RV dealers, having a sizeable investment in vehicles, parts, and staff, offer the highest level of customer service, absolutely relying on referrals and repeat business for their continued existence, determined to attain the rigorous standards of a Top 50 dealer. Ordinarily, that little place on the corner can go back to renting moving trucks when tired of the RV business.

Service departments featuring factory trained technicians are another specialty of the responsible RV dealer for these vehicles not ordinarily serviced by the corner mechanic. Appropriately, full-service dealers are knowledgeable about scheduled maintenance intervals, accessory installations, and off-season storage requirements. Towing for the first time this trip? Safety conscious consumers return to a full-service RV dealer, experienced in hitch work, tow bar installations and maximum weight restrictions.

Fortunately for Fort Worth residents, trustworthy RV dealers, meeting the above amenities, are just a few mouse clicks away.