Just not paying attention and getting into the speed trap – that’s annoying, but it can happen, even with a rented car. What you think about when you’ve flashed the rental car and how best to behave in that case is explained in this article.

No path leads around the fine

You have exceeded the maximum speed with the rental car and have been flashed. Who is responsible for the fine? The car rental the license plate is on, or you as a driver? Basically, the answer is obvious: who commits the violation, must pay.

This is true even if you do not recognize them in the photo. Time and date in the picture provide information about who has just used the rental car. The penalty office will ask the tenant about the car rental and they will either pass on your contact details or settle the bill for you and get the money back from you. You will not get around the fine. For the right car rental commercial this is an important deal.

Speed ​​violation with a rental car much more expensive!

Unfortunately, in addition to the fine, you also have to expect a processing fee , which the car rental company charges customers who have to pay a fine for traffic violations of any kind . The amount of the fee is specified in the rental contract and / or the rental conditions of the provider. Usually it is between 10 and 40 $, but also differs within a car rental depending on the country. It may therefore be that the processing fee is actually higher than the actual fine.

In many leases, you will also find a clause à la “You are free to prove that the extra effort is considerably lower than the processing fee”. However, this is difficult to impossible, because the administrative burden of car rental cannot be documented by the car owner.

Tip to avoid the fee

You can handling fee at the car rental missed by the fined, before the car rental was contacted by the authorities. If you have noticed that you have been flashed with the rental car, please contact a police station as soon as possible. So the fine notification goes directly to you and the fee of the car rental is omitted.

You can also rely on goodwill: In some cases, car rental companies waive the processing fee if you report the case immediately when returning the car. Committed to this is not a landlord.