Right when you think you’re watching a relatively mild-tempered dispute between on man on a motorcycle and a big man in a sedan, all hell breaks loose.

When the biker makes the poor decision to smash the sedan’s window with his helmet, the driver chases after him with a hammer.

Luckily, we get to watch the entire altercation play out from the comfort of the driver behind them’s dashcam video camera… which all begins when the Nissan Sentra sedan driver stops a little too quickly.

The motorcycle rider responds by revving his engine loudly, which the man in the sedan responds to with the one finger salute. That’s when the conflict starts to escalate… quickly.

The biker walks over to the sedan’s driver window, and his body language seems to be calm as the two converse… until the car window rolls up, which straight up pisses the motorcyclist off—knocking the Nissan’s mirror and punching the door in rage.

Don’t Make Me Pop The Trunk

Don't Make Me Pop The Trunk
The Rapper Yelawolf has a song all about these sort of situations called ‘Pop The Trunk‘ about how it’s not smart to make someone “pop the trunk”… on you. This biker should start listening to more rap if he wants to let his road rage out like that.

It’s when the motorcyclist is walking back to his bike that the idea pops into his head to take things a step further, so he smashes the rear window with his helmet.

Almost instantly, you see the trunk pop open on the Nissan Sentra and that’s when we all know things are about to get serious.

The driver of the Nissan sedan grabs a rubber mallet from the trunk and takes a good swing at evading motorcyclist as he jets off through the intersection to avoid getting his helmet and head bashed in with a hammer. The motorcyclist is very lucky that the man hadn’t pulled out a gun, which is what I thought would happen.

The man who filmed the video, Honest Citizen, reported that the incident occurred on September 6th in the neighborhood of Vernon, Los Angeles, California at the corner of Downey and Bandini. He also shared that the video has already been passed over to the police and local news outlets, but as of Friday, NBC reports that neither party involved in the conflict has been identified or found.

The fact that neither of the two have been located or properly identified seems bizarre to me, since the motorcyclist’s license plate is clearly visible and you’d think that the police could track him down rather quickly. However, the Nissan Sentra will be much tougher to find, as it has temporary dealership license plate. Depending on how many people view this video, it just might motivate the police enough to track the driver of the sedan down.

Something clearly happened before the camera started recording, but regardless of what happened there is no excuse for this sort of violent behavior.

Traffic sucks enough as it is, can’t we all just get along? We all make mistakes. He who hasn’t been honked at for not spotting a green light quick enough or stopping too abruptly can cast the first stone… just avoid my windshield.