Nothing will wake you up faster than when you’re driving in the left lane then out of nowhere are swerving to avoid a barbeque grill. This should serve as a lesson to always keep your eyes on the road, as I’ve talked about before.

This isn’t the first time that I have written about the financial and safety benefits of being a vigilant driver. In my detailed article on how to avoid speeding tickets I talk about the same thing. The strategies for avoiding speeding tickets and not hitting barbeque grills have a lot in common. Remember, it’s not only the police officers which you have to look out for, it’s debris in the road are just as dangerous.

You truly never know what may end up in your lane for your to swerve around, and if you are aware of your surroundings you will know whether you can safely turn into the lane on your right or left when you have to make a snap second decision, like in this video.

As a rule of thumb, I have learned never to drive behind dump trucks, trucks loaded with furniture or scrap metal, elderly drivers, and Asian drivers. Even when you have given them 250 feet of space from bumper to bumper, debris can come flying off or the vehicle can come to an abrupt halt when a squirrel runs through the road.

After driving through the heart of the ghetto every day during my daily commute, I am always prepared for anything. I’ve learned to assume everyone on the road is an idiot, and that pedestrians are even dumber. That is why I never take my eyes off the road, even if I am getting road head, I don’t even dare look down, because that could be the difference between me clipping a fatty who misjudged my rate of speed and how quickly they can shuffle their fatass across the road. Which begs the question, what is with black pedestrians and coming as close as possible to passing vehicles when crossing in the middle of the street? Why don’t they ever use crosswalks or controlled intersections? Is that not “hard” enough?

Drive safely, Leftlane Driver’s. Oh, and look out for flying barbeque’s appearing in your lane!