An Audi RS6 takes the police on a car chase they are not soon to forget. The Audi RS6 is a rare beast, boasting a 0-60 MPH time of 3.9 seconds, and a top speed of 189.5 mph when the Dynamic or Dynamic Plus package is added, otherwise it has a governor limiting the sports car to 155.3 mph.

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Roaring up to speeds of over 160+ MPH, the German manufactured performance automobile lives up to it’s $100,000+ price tag.

The 2003 Audi RS6 featured in this car chase video has a 4.2 liter V8 engine, packs 450 horsepower under the hood, weighs in at 4,056 lbs, with a wheel size of 18″ in diameter, 8.5″ width. The Audi RS6 body dimensions are 191″ in length by 78″ in width by 56″ in height.

Car Facts: Sound Smart For Your Friends

The “RS”, different from most Audi’s which either have an S or an A before the model number, stands for RennSport, which translates to Racing Sport in German.

Audi’s RS models are the ‘top-tier’ high performance trim level, which is positioned a noticeable step above the “S” model specification level of Audi’s regular model range line-up. Like all the RS models, the RS6 pioneers Audi’s newest and most advanced engineering and technology, and some would call it a halo vehicle.

The Audi RS6 has the most powerful internal combustion engine out of all the Audi models, boasting of more horsepower and torque than the bulkier and more luxurious Audi S8.

The Audi RS6 differs from the A6 and S6 in one major way: the RS6’s engines in both the C5 and C6 iterations have not been shared with any other vehicle in Audi’s lineup. However, for the C7 generation, the Audi RS6 has the same 4.0 Liter Bi-Turbo V8 engine as the Audi RS7, as both vehicles are slated at the top of the Audi S and RS food chain.

Unleash A Beast Without Paying For It

A little known fact in the Audi world is that detuned versions of the same engines found in the Audi RS7 generation (4.0 Liter Bi-Turbo V8) can also be found in the Audi S8, Audi A8, and Audi S6.

So if you want to buy an A8 and then invest in retuning the engine, performance parts, a new exhaust, and other goodies, then you can easily save tens of thousands of dollars while still having one of the fastest rides on the road.