One brave cameraman drives through Detroit at night to show what a city without police is really like.

Ever wondered what it would look like to drive through one of the most poverty-stricken, dangerous cities at night? If so, you’re in luck!

Thanks to one brave cameraman with balls of steel who did just that, we get to witness the complete anarchy and lawlessness which goes on when a city doesn’t have the money to hire enough police to enforce the law.

Why We Need To Support Our Police Officers Now, More Than Ever

I hope that after you watch this video, you will appreciate the dangers which police officers face every night so that they can keep you safe. They aren’t paid much to give us the safety which we take for granted.

Being a police officer today is harder than ever, since the eyes of the nation are on you if you make one mistake or poor judgement call when in a life or death situation. The people that are shot by police officers are all career criminals with long arrest records and a history of violence and resisting arrest. If it was your job to enforce the laws and you had a family at home to support, would you take the extra few critical moments it takes to make sure that what a felon is waving at you is a real gun, not a replica?

Sylville Smith & Milwaukee’s Black Violence

Sylville Smith With An AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Sylville Smith, the 22-year-old father of two and career criminal who was gunned down after running from police with the same AR-15 semi-automatic rifle he is shown holding in the picture. This is the same weapon used in the Orlando Night Club Massacre.

Police Officers Jobs Are Harder Than Ever Before

The spotlight was recently put on a Milwaukee police officer who shot a 22-year-old who had both a criminal record and an AR-15 Assault Rifle, the same weapon used in the Orlando Night Club Massacre. The Milwaukee Police Officer has since had his name published by the states largest newspaper publication, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, despite the Sheriff and Police Commissioner refusing to release the name of the officer who shot the career criminal carrying a weapon far more powerful than any service pistol in use. The Journal Sentinel tried justifying their decision to publish the name of the police officer by saying since that it was already shared over 3,000 times on social media… but they forget to mention that the people sharing were doing so to call to have him killed.

The 3,000 times and counting that his name is being shared are accompanied by threats to his life and the lives of his family members. Take these two examples I found in less than 15 seconds:

“Now y’all see his face if he’s seen anywhere in the city drop him”

“Shoot him right in his head.”

Since the widely distributed newspaper released the police officers name, two police officers must stand guard outside his mother’s home through both day and night. The Journal Sentinel, clearly more concerned with selling newspapers than saving lives, also released the critical detail that he was staying with relatives out-of-town, putting the lives of his extended family in peril.

Sylville Smith Shown Flashing $260
Sylville Smith is shown in this photo flashing a whopping $260. I guarantee that none of that cash went towards supporting his two children that he had before the age of 22.

Despite the Milwaukee Police Departments decision not to show the police officers name out of the safety of both him and his family, because they had noticed a “disturbing national trend” on social media in which thousands of users have identified the officers involved in the police shootings and threatened them and their families.

The Sylville Smith The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Sylville Smith Taking A Selfie With A Handgun
There are more pictures of Sylville Smith on social media holding weapons than there are of him smiling. The police officer who is now being hunted down did every Milwaukee citizen a favor.

We need to remember that the police officer who shot Sylville Smith did so when Smith became cornered in a fenced in yard and reportedly turned towards him with an AR-15 in his hands. I think if we put the thugs who are calling for the slaying of the Milwaukee police officer in the same situation he had been in, 10 out of 10 of them would have pulled the trigger and dropped Sylville Smith, ending his career as a criminal and making the streets just a bit safer.

Since publishing his name which had before then been withheld by every respectable news outlet in the nation, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published countless articles aimed at destroying his reputation and character, despite the black police officer is a great candidate for a role model for all these kids growing up on the Milwaukee streets without a father like he did.

Don’t Take Your Safety For Granted

Sylville Smith Posing With A Handgun And Other Criminals
Sylville Smith wasn’t some innocent 22-year-old with a license to carry the AR-15 rifle he ran from the police with. He was a career criminal who spent his time with other unsavory characters.

Most of us take the safety that the police have provided us both day and night while we drive through our neighborhoods. When everyone is quick to judge police officers for sometimes the one poor judgement call or mistake they have made in their entire careers, they should remember that this is what without them, every city would turn into anarchy and chaos like Detroit.

We all take it for granted that when we drive through the streets, we don’t face the risks of being victim to a car jacking, shooting, robbery, rape, or just having the life beaten out of us for looking at someone the wrong way. Disgusting sights like the prostitutes on every street corner, and thugs having a bonfire in the road are not realities we live with in the safe suburbs. When driving we see people waving a friendly hello, while in a lawless city like Detroit they see neighbors waving gang signs and guns.

While the cameraman drove through Detroit, what he captured on camera was as a whole complete anarchy. Detroit doesn’t have a large enough police force to enforce laws in areas like those shown in the video. As a result, residents have to fend for themselves by illegally obtaining firearms or joining gangs for protection.