Auto DealersAuto dealers in most states must file a surety bond with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before they can receive their auto dealer license. Unfortunately, purchasing an auto dealer bond can be one of the most confusing parts of getting a dealer license. That’s why we developed the following comprehensive guide to auto dealer bonding.

This information is for those who are of the public. These auctions for the most part are dominated by car dealership dealers. This particular auction the registration fee was $50. This price is a yearly cost and it covers your being allowed to come on the premises and bid on the cars. You are issued a number tag that you are to put on your jacket or item that you will raise when you are accepting a bid. This is also where you get a brief overview of how the auction works. Here is where we could ask questions and where we found out for this auction that only the vehicles that were repossessions were open for the public to bid on. All other cars were for dealers only. There were three lanes for bidding; however, only one was for repo vehicles and is where the public buyers were to gather.

On our drive out to Echo Park my husband recalled stories of nightmarish experiences he had had with car salesmen in the past, so he was skeptical. But the experience at Echo Park was quite the opposite. It was a hassle free and enjoyable experience. Shaun Satterfield showed us a variety of cars within our price range and he worked diligently to show us exactly what we wanted to see as well as answering a plethora of questions. There was no pressure put on us at all, the process was straight forward. Shaun was knowledgeable and patient with us. My husband and I highly recommend both he and Echo Park Automotive.

We have one of the largest Ford parts inventories in the region, we’re confident that we’ll have the exact part or accessory you’re looking for. In addition to keeping an extensive inventory of parts in stock at all times, we can also order any crucial part that we may not have on hand fast. Our parts center features genuine, long-lasting Ford parts and accessories. Keyser Miller Ford Service, Collegeville Ford Service and Parts Department has a proud tradition of performing Ford repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are the best Ford mechanics in Pennsylvania with decades of combined training and experience.

Once you have selected your new or used vehicle our Finance Department at Wehr Ford is staffed with professional managers that are dedicated to providing you the best financing options available regardless of whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit at all. We offer a vast array of lease and finance options and have the ability to custom tailor your lease or purchase to meet your specific needs. We offer flexible hours of operation with loan and lease approvals secured in minutes. We also offer attractive options to secure and protect your automobile. Not to mention, we take your privacy very seriously at Wehr Ford. It is our policy to keep all of your personal information secure.