Trucking In Logistics

Trucking is a freight forwarder service using a fleet of cars and trucks for inter-city coverage to inter-island areas where items are to be delivered in conjunction with to meet the needs of cheaper and faster delivery of goods.

Along with the development of the times, trucking is often also referred to as cargo services that ship through the sea and air, so that not infrequently the Indonesian people call trucking as one method of shipping a car from state to state freight services between cities and inter-island.

The process of delivery of goods with trucking services has many advantages and benefits more efficient and efficient because the price offered is much cheaper for goods that have large size and volume.

By using the tracking service, the sender will get some benefits, namely:

  • The shipping price of the goods is cheaper
  • Large item shipments over 30kg
  • Easy to monitor using the tracking system
  • The scope of delivery between cities, out of the island, to abroad.

In general, the fleets used in trucking services include:

  • Van
  • ankles Truck
  • Trenton Truck
  • CDD Truck
  • Fuso Trucks
  • Wingbox
  • Container
  • Trailer
  • Aircraft
  • Ship Roro

For trucking rates, there are several factors that influence why trucking rates can be cheap or can be expensive. Here are the calculation factors:

  • Services and experts needed
  • Applicable SOP
  • Total weight of goods
  • The total volume of goods
  • Delivery route

Five factors will always be used to measure how much the price of trucking services by land, sea, and air.