Tool Tips – Cutting Aluminium Extrusion cleanly


When manufacturing aluminium extrusions, they have to be cut to length with the cleanest of finishes to maintain a high-quality standard. Cutting is usually carried out with a lubricant to ensure a smooth process and keep the teeth clear of debris. Lightweight aluminium extrusion are fairly easy to slice with various saws but there is often a debate over the preference for the use of a circular or a band saw.

Circular Saw versus Band Saw

The traditional tool for trimming aluminium extrusions to size has been the circular saw. High-powered models have blades measuring up to fifty inches to cut extrusions of any size with ease. The circular saw has always functioned at a superior rate of speed when compared to the band saw which results in an increased productivity. The cutting action also remains constant throughout the cut. Band saws usually have much thinner blades and are notorious for catching as they first contact the metal. The teeth of circular saws are usually made of a robust tungsten steel that stay sharp throughout the process of cutting large batches that can number several thousand components. And the last cut is as clean as the first. However, technological developments have seen the band saw emerge with improved credentials.

Band Saw Technology

Advancements in the mechanisms that control the speed at which the band saw operates have provided it with a greater control throughout the cutting action. Operating at a slower speed when the saw first makes contact with the metal has prevented the main problem of stalling. As the blade progresses through the aluminium extrusion the speed increases rapidly to provide a much cleaner cut. The blade slows again when it finishes the cut. The maximum speed of a band saw has greatly increased which has helped to improve its performance.

Choosing a Circular or Band Saw

A circular saws is a much larger piece of equipment with the extra power that is required to turn the blade which is generally several inches larger than a band saw’s blade. Consequently, the smaller band saw is less expensive to purchase and install. Manufacturer’s with high outputs usually opt for the circular saw which can cleanly slice thousands of extrusions. The slower band saw is ideal for cutting smaller batches of extrusions. Edmo Limited have all the equipment needed to cleanly cut aluminium extrusions.