tips on cleaning and caring for your own car ac evaporator

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tips on cleaning and caring for your own car ac evaporator

In the discussion yesterday about easy and practical way to clean the car dashboard and in this article I will try to give some tips and tutorials a little different, that is how to clean, how to remove, material, how to coat, how to unload, how to improve with quick easy and cheap.


How to clean the car air conditioner filter – Air conditioning temperature performance in cooling the cabin depends also on the cleanliness of the Car AC Evaporator. If the Car AC component is problematic or dirty because it is rarely cleaned, then the air circulation path on the air conditioner becomes dirty and the air conditioning performance decreases in cooling the cabin. Therefore, it is important for car owners to always check the cleanliness of this Car AC Evaporator.


Car Evaporator Car is one component of car air conditioning circulation which has a vital function to convert freon fluid to cool gas. In this device freon fluid cooling process occurs. If the device is rarely cleaned and dirt accumulates, it is not likely to cause leakage. Leakage occurs due to dirt that accumulate causing corrosion and become porous. Therefore, it is important to perform maintenance and cleaning of your Car AC Evaporator components.


How to care for car air conditioning to stay cool

Get used to Caring for and Cleaning Car Air Evaporator Components regularly. Do not wait until the air conditioner does not cool or the air is not fresh. Because if this has happened, then generally filter replacement, evaporator cleaning, to checking even the addition of refrigerant is also needed to restore the cold temperature. The process takes a long time and costs a lot.

Steps to clean evaporator


  • Opens the AC Filter

Turn off the car, and find the location of the filter and the AC air intake path by reading the vehicle’s book manual. Generally behind the glove box, so note the steps to open it so as not to damage other components. Lift the filter, and check. If it is very dirty, change immediately. Beat the spray cans several times before the process begins. Insert the sprayer hose toward the blower so that the foam can be perfectly directed to the blower.


  • AC Temperature Setting

After the spray is ready to be sprayed, turn on the engine and AC and open all AC vents and windows. Also turn on the blower on the rear passenger seat if available. Set the AC temperature in the coldest position and blower at the fastest.


  • Apply Cleanser

After making sure the sprayer hose is right facing the blower, spray the foam out. Do not worry about the droplets that appear on the AC ventilator, wipe with a rag after the spraying process is complete. Even if no droplets, this does not mean anything. If spraying is done properly, then the air instantly feels fresher. If the AC is working normally and there is no damage, generally the temperature will feel cooler. After the contents of the cans run out, keep the car on with the same AC condition for 10-15 minutes and the dirt from the evaporator drips from the AC pipe under the car.


Thanks for reading a few tutorials and tips on how to clean and eliminate. Hopefully the article that we serve is useful for your daily life.