I’ve been as devoted of an Infiniti customer as they come, so when the third Infiniti I have owned before the age of 25 was stolen twice from their dealership service lot not once, but twice while being held overnight for mandatory recall work, I was baffled. It is what they did next that shocked me to the core.

Update (4/20/2017): International Infiniti North Shore Has Another Car Stolen:

International Infiniti North Shore Glendale, Wisconsin
The police report for Glendale, Wisconsin on 4/20/2017 – International Infiniti North Shore is still allowing cars to be stolen.

This is the story of how a loyal, three time Infiniti customer had his car stolen, and almost had his entire life destroyed by Infiniti’s failure to reprimand their franchise dealership – International Infiniti North Shore in Glendale, Wisconsin.

I am not the type to write negative reviews after poor service, but after the two months of threats, stress, and then when I thought the ordeal was over, a pre-meditated scheme to have me pulled over and arrested.

International Infiniti North Shore: How My Car Was Stolen Twice From The Service Lot

When I was 18 and had just sold 60% of my first company for $100k, I bought a 2004 Infiniti G35 in cash. It was my first car and first major purchase and I couldn’t have been happier with it. Then in 2009, I knew I was ready to move up to a car with more speed, and which didn’t burn through brake pads every 6 months, so I bought a 2009 Infiniti G37, again in cash. For the second time in my life, I was in love. I especially loved the backup camera which came in handy when I had a major spinal injury in the gym which has resulted in three bulging discs in my neck, and two separate spinal surgeries to repair the three herniated discs in my back.

I decided I needed an AWD vehicle after having to call my mom to cheuffur me to doctors appointments whenever it snowed out, after I tried pulling out of my Condo’s underground heated garage and ended up blocking two lanes of traffic since the wheels couldn’t grip the ice and I just went straight forward despite having my wheel turned as far as it could go. That is when I made a decision one of the worst decisions of my life, I chose to lease a 2014 Infiniti Q50 AWD Premium Sedan with a slew of tech package features (4 cameras to give me a 360-degree view when parking as an example). Since I traded my 2009 G37 in, the lease payments were low (about $200 lower than what I would have been paying had I purchased the car) and I didn’t even fully understand how leasing works.

After owning the car for less than a year and having under 5,000 miles on it, I received a letter that I had to bring the car to the service center at the Infiniti North Shore, the dealership I bought it from. I obliged, and was told I would have my car back the following day and was given a 2013 Infiniti M37 to drive in the meantime. No big deal, so I thought. I had no idea that even though I’d graduated college, I was about to take a course at the School of Hard Knocks.

International Infiniti North Shore in Glendale, Wisconsin

Let me start by saying that all of this would have been prevented if Infiniti USA Corporate cared at all about their customers property. The truth is, they only care about their cars before they have been sold and are off of their lot and into the possession of someone else. They don’t care if they turn someone who would have been a loyal, lifelong customer of Infiniti into their #1 enemy. Before the age of 25, I had successfully persuaded five friends to purchase Infiniti’s and would have most certainly bought their new Infiniti Q60 Coupe after my lease expires had their corporate executives did anything to reimburse me for the time, hassle, stress, and great inconvenience they caused. I am now banned from only Infiniti Dealerships within 300 miles of my home, so when a recall alert comes in the mail, there is nothing I can do. I hold Infiniti’s Customer Care, Vice President of North American Sales, and everyone at their corporate office for the outrageous, completely painfully true story you are about to read. It all started and ended at International Autos Infiniti North Shore, located in Glendale, Wisconsin.

The day that my car was stolen, a suspicious man wandered around the small showroom which fits only three cars for a whopping THREE hours. No one found that suspicious enough to question him beyond learning that he wasn’t waiting on a vehicle being serviced, though.

After my car had the necessary recall changes completed, they brought it out back to vacuum and wash it, then parked it out front to draw attention from passers-by. The employee who had washed and cleaned my vehicle supposedly set my keys down on the service managers desk, which sits right behind a giant floor to ceiling window. With my car still dripping wet and sitting front and center, it didn’t take much to figure out that the keys to the new $55,000 car were the ones sitting out in the open.

According to the police report, the secretary then heard the vehicle tear out of the parking lot, through a red light, and straight into the ghetto. The secretary noted that this was not behavior consistent with myself, since I am a law abiding citizen and would never peel out of a parking lot and risk hitting someone.

They had ZERO security cameras in the showroom, only one grainy out-of-date one which looked over the new car lot outside. The secretary gave a vivid description, telling police that he was “a medium height, overweight, black male who looked to be in his 20’s or early 30’s.” That narrowed the search down to half of the population of Milwaukee.

At around noon that same day, I received a call from the International Autos Infiniti North Shore service manager who told me that my car had been stolen. I started laughing, because with today’s technology and key fobs, that could never actually happen. My laughter was brought to an abrupt halt when a police officer came on the line and asked me to call Infiniti Connect and have them activate the cars GPS system, and then provide the Glendale Police Department with the ability to call whenever they wanted to get a location on the stolen vehicle. Let me add that the Glendale Police were extremely helpful, sympathetic, and professional through this entire ordeal and if it weren’t for them I may have lost my sanity.

The vehicle was gone for a total of three days, during which there were two high speed chases which were each called off due to causing unsafe conditions for pedestrians and everyone else on the road. These inner-city thugs managed to crash my car into a curb while taking a turn, completely destroying the tire… but since it was a Dunlop Run Flat, they could keep on driving. They put a spare tire on, which surprised me that they even had the intelligence to know how to do and had 5% tint put on every window, including the windshield, which when layered over my 35% state legal tint brought the visibility down to only 3%.

Three days and nearly $10,000 in exterior body damage later, the police were able to seize the vehicle while it was parked overnight in the driveway of who was most likely the thief. When the police knocked on the door, his mom answered, and she said that her son was at work. That would make anyone suspicious, because we all know that these urban thugs do not work, they just begin their lifetime career of crime. The woman denied knowing anything about the stolen Infiniti in the driveway, and said that her son had a friend who drove an Infiniti and it was definitely his. Registered as living at the same address was her waste of a life son, who already was scheduled for court for stealing another vehicle and at age 22, already had a lengthy arrest record and was known to always be armed.

Police gained probable cause to search the house for this stupid thug and found him asleep on mattress on the floor (just like in those movies with the crack houses) in the next room. I like to think that while he was laying in bed dreaming about driving my car, he crapped his pants when police officers flipped the mattress over and proceeded to beat the living pulp out of him. Sadly, this isn’t vigilante justice and he instead awoke to abruptly to the loud, authoritative voices of two police officers with their guns drawn. He kept trying to reach under his mattress, which is where police discovered an unregistered Glock .45 handgun to be. Because of his outstanding arrest warrant and illegal possession of firearm, he was booked in jail. His cell phone provided the police with the lots of great evidence which put several men behind bars, but sadly it didn’t reveal who the fat man that stole my car was.

While being questioned about his whereabouts the day of the theft, he told the police he was at his girlfriend Shanaynay’s house. When the police asked him to spell that for them, he said he didn’t know how, that he just calls her Nay Nay. When they asked for the spelling on Nay Nay, he again replied that he didn’t know. That is the level of stupid we are dealing with here.

How Infiniti North Shore Tried To Trick Me Into Accepting All Liability

After the vehicle was in police custody and done being thoroughly searched for prints, hair fibers, and DNA samples, Infiniti called me saying that I had to go pick the vehicle up from the police station and drive it to their dealership. Right away my intuition kicked in and I remembered something I had learned in my college Business Law courses. If I were to have accepted the keys from the Glendale Police, I would have also been accepting all liability for the theft and around $10k in exterior body damage.

My intuition was spot on. After speaking with my uncle, one of the top attorneys in the state, he confirmed that I would have accepted all liability and International Infiniti North Shore of Glendale, Wisconsin would have been off the hook.

Those dirty bastards! Instead of taking their bait, I dropped the key fob off at the dealership and told them to get it themselves. Why should I be the one who has to drive a vehicle which was severely damaged in the first place?

My car was repaired by International Infiniti North Shore, but never inspected by a mechanic. Knowing that the underbody and everything beneath the hood had never been inspected made me very uneasy. What if these thugs cut the wrong cord when trying to find the hidden GPS tracking system? What if the stripped some parts off to sell? What if the suspension was permanently damaged from when they hit a corner at a high speed and blew a tire?

International Infiniti North Shore: Victimizing The Victim

While I was at work, a same-day letter delivery came to my condo which stated that if my car was not returned by 3PM that same day (a Friday), Rebecca (Becky) Kilvinger would report it as stolen to the Glendale police and I would likely be arrested for car theft, despite not even knowing that the car was reported stolen.

I immediately called the Glendale Police Department and told them about her threat and that I could not give them the M37 back until my insurance had provided me with a rental car, because it hadn’t been inspected by any mechanic – preferably a third party as I was recommended to do.

They told me that if she tries to report the car as stolen, they will refuse to. They knew the entire nightmare I was dealing with, and I had been respectful, grateful, and courteous to them through every step of this. Meanwhile, the dealership (most likely Rebecca Kilvinger) was extremely rude, disrespectful, and treated them like errand boys.

The following day I called my American Family insurance, and they happily provided me with a Nissan to drive for as long as needed. I didn’t know that Becky Kilvinger had called my insurance company and lied, saying that I gave her complete authority to handle the entire situation… and that this rental car would be used to force a settlement.

How my Infiniti Q50 was stolen the SECOND time

Just when I thought things were coming to a close, I received a phone call from a police detective who began asking me a series of questions which made no sense. The dates were wrong, the timing was wrong, what was this guy talking about I wondered? He then paused and asked me if Infiniti had ever called and told me that my car had been stolen a second time from the dealership service lot after all body repairs had been completed.

Not only that, it was stolen using the same key fob was stolen off the desk of the service manager. It was then that I realized that the staff at International Infiniti North Shore were even dumber than the criminals!

When the staff at International Infiniti North Shore put my vehicle back on their car lot in Glendale, Wisconsin – they never bothered to reprogram the key fob / car security system, despite knowing that one of they key fobs was still in possession of the car thieves.

It gets worse… the second time the car was stolen, it took them several days to even notice! After $10,000+ in damage to the body was repaired, the car thieves got the car back for a second round!

International Infiniti North Shore: Forcing Legal Settlement

At the advice of a family friend who is a a highly skilled mechanic and my attorney, we refused to accept the car back until the dealership had paid for a third party inspection. I was advised to contact mechanic of my choice to thoroughly inspect the underbody and under the hood for any missing or damaged parts. We suspected that the suspension had taken quite the blow after hitting a curb so hard that it blew a brand new tire, and I wanted to have peace of mind knowing that the car wouldn’t have an axel snap on the highway, sending me zooming out of control into traffic. We knew through documentation that the dealership had never had a mechanic survey the vehicle for damages. Meanwhile, Rebecca Kilvinger was growing meaner, more aggressive, and hostile. My Uncle was now representing me as my attorney, since I couldn’t handle her phone calls which were so rude and demeaning that you never would have thought she worked for the same company that I bought a $55,000 car from.

As we waited on a reply from International Infiniti North Shore about having the vehicle inspected before we would accept it back, Rebecca Kilvinger called me and said that for every day that the car sat in the lot, they would be charging me $50.00. Money was tight at that point in my life, since I was just recovering from my first spinal surgery and being an entrepreneur, I don’t have luxuries like paid leave.

Next, Rebecca Kilvinger called my insurance company and told them that my car was completed, that I had accepted it back, and that they should take away my rental car. So my insurance called and sure enough, despite my pleas and trying to rationalize with them, I had to turn in my rental car and accept the fact that using financial strain and impairing my ability to commute to work was what allowed International Autos Infiniti North Shore of Glendale to win.

This is the gracious letter that Rebecca “Becky” Kilvinger sent to me while I was required to continue paying lease payments for two months, despite not even being able to drive my car.

“Mr. Weiss,

Your 2014 Infiniti Q50 has been repaired in accordance with the American Family and Zurich Insurance assessment.  A copy of the repair bill is attached.  Please promptly pick-up the 2014 Infiniti from Infiniti North Shore.  You may have the vehicle inspected by American Family at another location as your vehicle may no longer be on premise at Infiniti North Shore.  Please be aware that if the vehicle is not retrieved by Thursday [the next day] at 4pm, storage charges will start to accrue at the rate of $50/day.


Becky Kilvinger

Office Manager
Audi North Shore/Infiniti North Shore
414-355-4401 Fax

As you can see, she forced a settlement through putting enough financial strain and pressure on me. Additionally, by calling my insurance company and lying, saying that I was ready to pick my vehicle up, she removed my only means of transportation to commute to my office.

What happened next when I went to pick up my twice-stolen Infiniti Q50 shows how ruthless, unsympathetic, and petty Rebecca Kilvinger and all of International Auto’s is.

International Infiniti North Shore: Attempting to set me up?

After I was forced to pick up my Infiniti Q50 after two thefts and two months of lease payments, the condition I found my vehicle in left me completely speechless.

I knew they played dirty, as she had tried to get me arrested for stealing the courtesy car that I was driving around without a clue it was stolen. I never thought that they would do something which could have damaged my life irreparably, though.

This is why I am appalled with Infiniti USA Corporate, because they did NOTHING after learning what happened to me, even with photo’s I took as evidence. What you are about to read will shock you.

This is what I found when I went to pick up my car:

  1. They Planted Drugs In The Car: Inside the car was a box of things which they said they thought belonged to me. The contents were a baby bottle filled with codeine cough syrup (known as Sizzurp or Lean among the black community), a box of plastic baggies which was filled with crumbs of marijuana which they had clearly been selling out of my car. With the combination of everything else I discovered, it is highly likely I would have been pulled over, or that a police officer would have spotted me when I was out of gas on the side of the road and offered to help. This box sat in plain sight in the backseat.
  2. They Completely Drained The Gas Tank: My car tells me how many miles I have left on my tank, and I was alarmed to see that it read “—“, not even 1 mile! When the vehicle was started, you could clearly tell it was running on fumes, as the engine kept fading in and out. Because they have gas pumps in the back of their lot, along with a car wash, I requested that they at least put a quarter tank in the car so I can safely get to a gas station. They denied this request.
  3. The Car Had 3% Visibility From Tint: As I mentioned earlier, the thieves had applied 5% tint on top of my legal 35% tint, bringing visibility down to 3%. During the two weeks before the tint shop could repair this, I was pulled over twice regarding the tint and twice let go without a ticket. Additionally, it was nearly November and the temperature was dropping rapidly, but the only way I could see out the windows was if all windows were rolled down and the sunroof was open.
  4. The Car Had No Plates, Not Even Temporary: To draw even more attention to the vehicle carrying two illegal drugs in it, the vehicle didn’t have any plates on it. They didn’t even provide me with a temporary paper plate so that I could safely make the 35 minute drive to the DMV without being pulled over. Police officers in all of Milwaukee County were informed to be on the lookout for this vehicle, and it’s likely that many of them weren’t informed when it had been recovered the first or second time it was stolen. it had no plates on it. I had to wait two hours in line at the DMV, then pay out of my own pocket for the plates.
  5. The Car Was Filthy: In the past when I’d brought my car in for mandatory recalls, they always washed it for free, since they have a full carwash in the back. This time, however, they gave me it back completely filthy. There were cigarette butts everywhere, the car was too dirty for me to inspect the body repairs which had been made, and even so, International Auto’s Lexus Infiniti North Shore refused to wash the car, which would have been of no cost or inconvenience to them, as they had a man stationed behind one of the glass doors who was watching me the entire time while reporting my every movement to someone over cellphone. I don’t even think he blinked once.

Then an off duty officer, out of her jurisdiction, called to intimidate me

After the entire nightmare ended with International Autos and Infiniti USA Corporate, I received an alarming telephone call at around 9PM, perhaps even later. I answered the phone to a woman who identified herself as a Brown Deer Police Officer, and she immediately began making accusations and threats directed at me for writing bad reviews which mentioned Rebecca Kilvinger in them. I went blank, thinking who the hell is Rebecca… then I remembered oh, her friends must not call her Becky. She let it slip that Becky is her friend and she was just with her. While the police officer was screaming threats into the phone, I was ignoring them while I dug up all the information I could on this police officer who was so young to already be breaking the rules. The first search result for her name yielded her Twitter page, where she had pictures of herself posted that morning at target practice training, followed by a status around 6PM saying she was out for Mexican food and drinks after a long day with her friend, who we can safely assume is Rebecca Kilvinger. Another page showed that she worked behind a desk and picking up the phone, where I found her open Twitter page which had pictures of her at target practice that morning, and a status which showed she had been out to dinner and drinks with one of her girlfriends. I immediately detected that she was slurring her speech and sounded intoxicated. This police officer had no jurisdiction over any of these matters! After she issued one last threat, promising to put me in jail if I wrote anything about what transpired, I requested her badge number. She gave me something bogus, along the lines of 123, and then ended the call.

In case you aren’t familiar with the laws and standards police officers are held to, it is illegal to use your authority and title of a police officer when acting on personal matters. In other words, it’s illegal to call someone and tell them you’re a police officer when you’re both off duty and calling as a personal favor to a friend to intimidate someone without there being any evidence or formal report drawn up, and especially when her commanding officers and entire police station weren’t informed. She should never have had my phone number, called me, or went on to threaten me using her authority as a police officer.

Ironically, it wasn’t me who had written the bad reviews she was referring to! They were all written and submitted by relatives, neighbors, and friends who heard about what happened. Becky Kilvinger and International Autos Infiniti North Shore truly believe they are above the law.

Why You Should Never Buy An Infiniti

Infiniti Corporate does not care about what happens to even their most loyal customers, regardless of the fact that it was their responsibility. They do not care about the financial strain this put on me, the opportunity cost of otherwise being able to work rather than sit on the phone for what felt like an eternity.

This supposed “luxury” car manufacturer only cares about selling as many cars as possible. They don’t value loyal customers or care at all about whether or not people have a positive experience while owning their cars, they had zero empathy for a situation that one of their franchise retailers put me in. The owner of International Auto’s has a reputation as a ruthless man who uses his girth and rumored ties to the mafia to intimidate people into settling with him. Ironically, this is exactly what their employee did.

International Autos Infiniti North Shore finally figured out that they could just delete their old Google Plus pages with all the negative reviews and create a new one, which they had numerous fake Google Accounts review them with five stars. They made this obvious when the manager commented with Five Stars saying how great the dealership is, which can be flagged as a conflict of interest and removed… which I just did. Yelp was even charged with extortion and compared to being the digital version of the mafia after bullying small businesses to pay outrageous monthly fees, otherwise they would hide all their positive reviews, which would also remove all positive reviews from their average star rating.

A California judge summarized Yelp perfectly when he said:


If you are going to spend all the money that it costs to get a luxury car, go with a true luxury brand that provides service on par with what you are paying. You mine as well be calling an outsourced call center in India when you waste your time trying to get a fair response from Infiniti.

Infiniti Vice President of North American Sales Response:

After getting absolutely no response from the man who represents and manages the Infiniti dealerships in my area, and with nothing being done at the corporate level despite having spent hours on the phone with various levels of support, I continued to push to speak to someone with the actual authority to make this right.

The truth is, I didn’t want to end my relationship with Infiniti on such a poor note. I would probably be driving a new Infiniti Q60 Coupe right now if I hadn’t learned the awful truth about how little Infiniti – both their dealerships and Corporation, cares about the safety, experience, and reputation. When someone has their car stolen twice and the dealership attacks him, intentionally makes his life living hell, tries to get him arrested, and from the beginning makes an attempt to trick a customer into accepting liability through picking my car up from the police station… it is only a matter of time until it will come back to bite you.

What Infiniti’s Vice President of North American Sales Offered (Or failed to offer)

After countless hours on hold and dozens of emails, we got the Senior Vice President of Sales in America from Infiniti Corporate on the phone. After complying with his request that we fax the 50+ page police report to him so he could review it, he didn’t seem sympathetic, appalled, or even surprised. The executive confirmed my suspicions that Infiniti really doesn’t care at all about even their most loyal customers. I was told that they wouldn’t pay for a single month’s lease payment, they downright refused to give me a new vehicle even though this car was under one-year-old and had been damaged permanently.

Two of my close friends either work at car dealerships or have family that do, both of these people are managers. When I told them the story of what had happened, they both assured me that Infiniti would give me an entirely new car, because the negative press from this could destroy them and I was a loyal customer. Neither manager had ever had an incident like this occur, but they said that their corporate policy is to replace the car. This coming from a manager of a Kia dealership and the other a Volvo dealership. I had high spirits when I learned that this man was accepting our phone call, but the little respect and faith I still had left in Infiniti was lost.

They also refused to pay for the items which were stolen from my vehicle: a laptop which was worth $1,900 new, a few items of clothing worth a total of $160, and my CD collection – which they likely just discarded when they saw it was all classic rock.

Free Interior Detailing: Useless, Since I Am Banned From All Dealerships Within 300 Miles

The SVP of North American Sales for Infiniti offered to pay for the cost of having the interior of the car detailed, but only after he had read the 50+ page police report and could confirm that an officer did indeed say that the vehicle reeked of marijuana and that it would likely never come out of the fabric.

However, I would never be able to have the interior detailing since International Autos had banned me from their two locations, the only Infiniti locations within 300 miles of my house. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

That is why I am sharing this horrible experience with you. I never want anyone to have to go through the stressful, frustrating, time-consuming, infuriating, and at moments scary situation which I did. If you own an Infiniti or were planning on buying one, you should reconsider. Most companies use opportunities like this to show how thankful they are that I’ve been a loyal customer, and give a show of generosity so that I would share it with thousands of others and the word of mouth would quickly travel.

Help Me Spread The Word! Share This Article!

So please, share this article across your social media and with your friends and family. Don’t let others fall victim to International Infiniti North Shore. Don’t let Infiniti Corporate get away with the list of illegal tactics they used to force me to accept a vehicle which still had never been inspected by third party mechanic, or any mechanic for that matter.