You simply cannot be interested in cars and not know about these events. Especially being in Seattle where the event originated and has grown to become easily the biggest stance and style centric event in the entire northwest.

Such an amazing experience to be in the presence and be side to side with some people who we’ve watched and learned much from their videos for a while. The show was packed and I mean PACKED! They even had to turn people away as the Fire Marshall was becoming concerned about capacity. But the show went on. The Top100 was such a well picked and diverse selection of cars coming anywhere from local areas to Southern California or all the way from Texas!

Got to see a lot of familiar faces and got to meet some new ones as well. HUGE THANKS to , all of the volunteers and to everyone who made the event happen and made it what it was. Let me know what you think in the comments! As always if you enjoyed the video please  stay up to date on all of my videos as soon as they post. Thank you all for you support!!

mtbrd – Fanfare feat. Flamingosis
ATLiens & Felmax – Thank God
Hucci – Hitta VIP
JAEGER – Velllo
Graves – No Sunshine
Foxwedding – Try Me

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