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Auto DealersGeneral Manager Lisa Simmonds brings over 20 years of auto auction management experience to every auction!

The problem is that sales people are not trained in the new ways of handling customers. They are not trained to work their customer relationship management (CRM) tool properly and ask the right questions that come along with it. They get a customer that comes in as an appointment and start a new process instead of continuing a current process which creates a bad experience for the customer. This happens because there is little or no communication between management and the BDC. There is also no communication between the sales and BDC departments. They should work together like a well oiled machine. It is becoming evident that the focus is more on training how to handle an email lead or a phone up. Dealerships need to start thinking about training their sales staff and management to adjust to handling their customers better and working as one solid team.

If you know you are definitely going to buy that day from a particular dealer, plan for a full day with nothing else scheduled, and go in the morning. Of course, if you’re not sure that you’re going to buy that day, then go with the idea that, if you do see the car that you decide to buy, you may have to make a second trip to that dealer. Unlike when you go shopping for other items, you will find that you won’t be browsing long before you are greeted (accosted?) by a salesperson As a matter of fact, you may see them just waiting as you drive in and they will already be coming towards you as you exit your car! And oftentimes, just saying, ‘I’m just looking for now.’, won’t deter them. But if you do want to take a test drive, then the fact that they are coming to you is ok.

Everyone I came into contact with was great! Tobias was our salesman, and he was awesome! It really is a laid back car search without having dealership vultures pressuring you into a sale. The 4/5 stars and 2 stars for the buying process comes from the part that I don’t know who was controlling. We received a preapproval from our credit union, after our financial officer did everything on such short notice, but the finance people still had us fill out a credit application and ran it, which took another hit on our credit. I was not happy about this. What was the point of our preapproval then? They claimed our credit union wasn’t in the system. After several back and forth calls to our credit union, to us, and EchoPark, and a couple of hours, our car was bought… using our credit union. Still am not sure what the hold up was, but am glad we put our foot down and would not take the lender of their choice over our own.

Bought a car about a month ago from Echo Park in Thornton. Jen Jossie did a fantastic job answering all my questions and went the extra mile to get more for my trade in. She is the one I would ask for if you seek a car very seriously. As for the dealership, I have had some work done within a week of driving it off the lot. These are things I feel like should have been found and replaced during their inspection process. The work and parts were free and didn’t cost me anything. They even ran my car through the car wash afterwards but when I was wiping it down after I got home, I noticed fresh scratches. Use at your own risk. Not sure if I would buy again from here, to earlier to tell.