Local Freight Truck Driving: ACareer for The Long Haul

Everywhere you look today big rig truck drivers are crisscrossing the nation hauling goods that consumers need every day. Truck drivers are an integral part of the commerce chain. Whether someone is a seasoned trucker or a new owner-operator there is a call to action nationwide for well-qualified truck drivers. If a driver has a 2-axle truck, CDL Class A with double endorsements and a California DMV CA# permit they’re a great fit for many truck driver jobs driving local loads. It’s easy to get with a good company offering dedicated hard-working owner-operators a chance to work with new equipment and a great staff

Typically there are a couple different haul types, both with merits but each fill a different need personally and economically. One is the over-the-road hauler or what is known as OTR work. This is where the driver covers large distances and is hardly home or in one place too long. When talking in general about trucking this is the image that’s conjured up. The wanderlust long distance driver where his cab is his home has its appeal to some. The second is local hauling where the hauler only does short designated trips to a few destinations and back on the same day. The father of two with one on the way sure appreciates the latter. There are a number of reasons this type of hauling appeals to a driver. National and local companies are looking for people that have the desire for consistent loads, stable schedule and time at the end of the day with family.

Take truck driver jobs in California, trucking is main way freight makes its way around the large state of California. There is an immense truck driver shortage. Nationally, 900,000 new truck drivers over the next ten year span to keep up with demand. California is a big state and it takes its elephant share of that number. That’s job security for years to come. Two axle owners have the lot enabling great pay, good benefits, consistent loads, and time home at night. Unlike over-the-road freight carriers, a local carrier moving between local sites can deliver six loads in the time an over the road carrier can do one.

Companies working with different types of dump trailer and pneumatics such as bottom dumps, end dumps, pneumatic, and vacuum pneumatics are in special need due to the fact of the materials they carry. Materials such as slag, crushed stone, cement, gravel, and sand. These materials are normally particular to building and building that’s important to the economy. These are what are known as raw materials. If the movement of these materials up and down California slows down or ceases it could mean devastation to a state already wrought with economic issues. California is one of the best states to be an owner-operator due to the constant upgrading of the state’s infrastructure. Pay for these drivers can start anywhere between 60,000- 80,000. It’s not a bad start to a career that you can easily do for years and maybe even retire from.