How to Glow a Car Paint that Is Faded and Blurred Simple

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How to Glow a Car Paint that is Faded and Opaque Simply helps when the car is more than 3 years old. Caring for a car is certainly not only related to the engine and components that support the work of your car. The appearance of the car body must also be noticed. The condition of the car body that is not good certainly affects your comfort in driving.

One of the things that greatly affects the appearance of your car is car paint. The condition of the new car paint is of course still in a shiny state. But over time, of course the car paint condition can fade. Many things or your treatment that can make the condition of the paint become dull or less shiny, among others are:

– Bird droppings or insects attached to the car body

– Pollution in the air

– Car polishers that use abrasive materials

– Salt

– Wash the car with heat

If you want to make your car body shiny, then the first thing you need to do is to know the type and type of paint you use. By knowing this, you can find out which care products are suitable for your car. Basically, the type of car paint used is divided into three types, among others.

  • Nitro Celulose (NC)

This type of paint is usually used in cars in the 80s. This type of paint is usually unstable in color and gloss so you have to polish it often. If your car uses this type of paint, then you need to take care of it with a silicone-based polish. The product you can use is Amway Silicon Glaze.

  • Nitro Celulose Modified

This type of NC Modified paint is usually used on cars released in the 90s. Actually the basic material of car paint is almost the same as the NC type usually, but in the Modified NC there is already tamabahn material that is hardener which makes the paint color stronger. For proper care, you can use the same material used in ordinary NC types.

  • polyurethane (PU)

This type of paint is usually used on cars issued in 2000 and above. One of the advantages of this type of paint is its higher durability than the previous types of paints. To treat this car paint it would be better if you do not use ingredients with a silicone base, but it is highly recommended to use organic based treatment ingredients. The most suitable material to use is carnauba material. But there are also many other product choices that you can use, for sure do not get the care products that you use made from silicon.

Then how do you polish your car paint to stay in good condition? here are some ways you can use.

  1. Don’t Use Compound

To make your car paint shiny again, it is highly recommended not to use compounds as routine maintenance. The use of compounds can make your car paint slowly erode so that the color of the car can fade. Compound work is as a polishing drug used by rubbing it into the body of the car. This can indeed polish your car paint because the dull surface of the car can be eroded. But this will actually make car paint erode.

  1. Use Wax

If you want to make a shiny car without the need to make the paint surface erode, you can use wax because it feels safer. This is because wax has waxy properties. Here are the steps to use wax on your car.

– Make sure if you put your vehicle in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

– Wash your car body as a whole. No need to use shampoo cars if your vehicle is not too dirty. But if the condition of your car is full of mud and stains, then you can use a car shampoo so that your car body is really in a clean condition.

– After that, dry the car using a lap chamois. Then you can start polishing.

– But if your car paint is still in good condition, you can skip the polishing process and go directly to the waxing process.

– Prepare wax, wax polish, sponge, and a clean soft cloth or microfiber.

– Apply the polish to the sponge (if you use a liquid polish medicine model). Then rub the sponge on the car body in a circular motion or up and down. After that, wait up to a few minutes for approximately 10-15 minutes.

– After drying, you can clean the remnants of the medicine by using microfiber. In order for the results to be maximal, you can do it for several stages, do not immediately use the drug to polish the entire body of the car.

– The next process is waxing, for this process it is actually almost the same as the polishing process using polished drugs but the waxing process is lighter.

– Polishing wax on the body of your car, after that let stand for a while. No need to wait long, you only need to wait for about 5 minutes.

– Then after drying, clean the remnants of wax using a dry cloth.

– For a car body that still looks shiny and free of mold, it’s better if you wax at least once a month.

Besides making your car body still shiny, the other thing you can do is to take care of your car paint. Here are some ways you can do to take care of your car paint to stay shiny all the time.

– As much as possible keep your car away from the dust that is around. Dust and dirt can make the car body become scratched to cause beret. If there is dust stuck, as soon as possible to clean it. Clean dust by using water so as not to cause scratches on the car body.

– Usually many car owners use car covers to protect their cars. But do not use the cover when the condition of the car is exposed to direct sunlight because this can make it moist so that mold arises on the body of the car. It would be better if you use the cover when the conditions are cold or at night.

– Do not use cover material that can be penetrated with water. If you use a cover with such materials and are not immediately opened, of course it will cause mold on your car paint.

– Avoid parking the car under a shady tree.  If you put it under the tree, it could be that bird droppings or insects can stick to your car. The dirt that sticks makes the paint become damaged and dull.

– Avoid using paint, drugs, shampoos and anything related to car care that contains ingredients that can erode the surface of your car’s car.

– Avoid things that can damage car paint such as when charging battery or brake oil. Both of these ingredients are very dangerous for your car paint.

some ways to make your car shiny like new. The appearance of a beautiful car certainly makes the appearance of the car more attractive. In addition, you will feel comfortable driving your car anywhere. Hopefully the above information is useful for you.