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There are none better than the services of elite-armor in Denmark. The needs for personal safety are now a day becomes essential and prioritized for the wellness of people. We at the elite –armor is continuously trying our best to provide all kind of personal security and protection measures steps with our seasoned vest and bulletproof helmet services. Due to the exceptional quality of workmanship, we can stand among the best in services for almost close to one decade now. Elite- armor is reckoned to be the best contemporary bullet proof helmet and stab proof vest provider all across Denmark. We’re the biggest and largest manufacturers and retailers of knife stab vest, stab vest, etc.  Providing the services we are confidently saying that our vision and mission both are going to succeed and we are thankful to all esteem customers for their immense support that makes our services a lot more customers friendly.

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  The bulletproof helmet is necessary to protect human life. It is the safety measure that has to taken seriously. Wearing helmets and stab vest allows people to prevent unwanted mishap and also nullify the threat of further complacency in life risk matter. When it comes to offering services that include safety of people life, elite-armor leads the race as an undefeated service provider of bulletproof helmet, stab-resistant vest at competitive pricelist. We know the importance of ensuring the safety measure of people and hence only offer service that we believe is the best ones for esteem consumers.


For the safety of human life, bulletproof helmets and vest have a critical role to play. Therefore elite-armor always give top importance on the protection of people life and make them less concern about any kind of life risk.