New Porsche 718 Boxter Review


Although it looks a lot like the old Porsche models, it is on it’s way to being an extremely remarkable car.

Starting with the looks, the body itself sticks with the classic style, but all the panel on the exterior is new.  The interior is slightly upgraded with a new sound system and even smaller steering wheel.  Best of all, it looks better than ever.


When taken on the track, it was obvious that the steering was faster since the 911 turbo.  This car is a turbocharged 4 cylinder engine which has sparked many Porsche fanatics ears.  We must realize that the first Porsche ever made had a mid engine 4 cylinder as well as the 356 winning many formula 2 races in the 1960’s as a 4 cylinder.  Just like the Porsche 914 which sold over 120,000 cars which is not bad at all for Porsche.

Being a 4 cylinder, this car has a city fuel consumption at 20, and highway at 26.  Tested on the track it reached 177mph.

The 718 Boxster has a 2.5 Liter engine which pulls around 350 HP as well as over 280 lb-ft. of torque at 1900rpm.   Yes 1900 is the peak torque which makes this car fly.  Even without launch control it has a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds and with full power around 4.2 seconds.  The steering is also 10% faster than the 911 turbo.porsche-718-boxter




This car comes with revised suspension which makes the balance and steering beautifully weighted.  This means you can turn any corner and know the grip will be there. To help with this, the car has a slightly wider rear tire for extra control.  Along with the suspension it has adaptive dampers that are 10 mm lower.

Just a couple cons I have spotted is that it is not nearly as fast as the more powerful 911, but this is a new style that Porsche is going back to.  The stock sound is extremely unimpressive as well.

Overall this car is one of the best for the price range of around $57k.