Florida Internet Vehicle Registration


Renewing vehicle plates and registrations at motor vehicle branches takes time, effort, and patience. Motorists are often faced with long lines, limited staff, and crowded offices. Renewal also means time lost from busy schedules, and standing in long lines, not to mention inconvenient wait times for the renewal process. There are, however, more convenient options. Website renewal companies offer motorists a convenient and easy method of Florida vehicle registration renewal, without the hassle of long lines, and wait times. Such companies offer an extremely easy, fast, convenient online system that allows users to renew vehicles in leisure of their own homes.

Vehicle Renewal Dates

Registration can be renewed for cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats, RVs, and commercial vehicles. Once registered motorists receive registrations in the mail. They are also sent a digital copy of the registration to use prior to the arrival of the renewal tags. Vehicle renewal, rather online or in offices is subject to Florida state law on vehicle renewal. State law requires that all renew vehicles annually. Renewal date is the motorist’s birthday. Vehicles owned by more than once individual are subject to renewal by the first person listed on the registration. Insurance is also required, no matter how vehicle is renewed, however, the state of Florida doesn’t require motorcycles have insurance. In the case of accidents, however, motorists would be held liable for damages, and licenses would be suspended for those not carrying insurance.

Commercial vehicles, unlike cars, trucks and motorcycles, must renew every six months. The date they must renew is May 31, and December 31 of each year. All motorists must show proof of insurance for a commercial vehicle to be renewed. Boats and vessels, like cars, and trucks, must be renewed by the owner’s birthday. The only exception to this is if boats are owned by a company or dealer. If owned by companies or dealer’s registration must be completed in July of every year. The boats and vessels are also not required to carry any type of insurance. Again, if accidents occur lack of insurance could result in fines, and suspension of licenses.

Registration Fees

Fees associated with renewal of licenses can also be paid online. Renewal fees vary dependent on type of vehicle and weight. Fees can be anywhere from $7.50 for an antique motorcycle, $14.50 for a vehicle up to 2,499 pounds, and $1,322 for a heavy truck, up to 72,000 or more pounds.

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department often charge for replacement of certificate, plate, or sticker if stolen or lost. Many online renewal companies supply this to customers at no cost. Florida state law requires, unlike a renewal of registration, that they be replaced every ten years. The renewal notice motorists receive alerts to if renewal is for registration, or plates as well. Regardless if what consumers are renewing online, renewal companies can assist customers in completing renewal requirements in a fast, easy, convenient way. Renewal only takes minutes, not hours, and registrations are on the way, without hassles, inconveniences or lost time.