How To Ensure Your Safety While Speeding



The rush you get while going over 100 on a highway is one like no other. Passing cars which look like they’re stopped beside you spikes your adrenaline rush.

We are all guilty of doing it.

Speeding is the most common illegal act done while driving a vehicle.  Although it may be fun and exciting, people need to know that this is an extremely dangerous act and must be aware of the consequences if done improperly.  Below are a couple tips in which you can decrease your chance of risk.  It is important to know that these only decrease, not eliminate the chance of you getting in a wreck, so you must always stay aware.


You must realize that you will eventually encounter traffic while speeding even if the road looks clear.  The biggest thing you can do is remain calm and either slow down or stay away.  Speeding in rush hour or where there is constant traffic is very frowned upon and highly dangerous.  The best times to speed is where there is minimal traffic and always pass on the right lane.

Some people do not pay attention and if you are passing on the right they may try to switch over thinking you are going to try to pass on the left.  You must always stay aware of the cars around you and the direction they are heading.

At night time if you’re in a very hilly setting, be cautious when going over the slope because you may not see the other car’s lights until last second.

4Buckle Up!

It is a common trend that speeders do drive unbuckled. Always click in your seat-belt before driving.  Accidents are very rare, but are not impossible.  If you do get in an accident, you want to be the most prepared you can be and a seat-belt will be your best friend in a crash.

3Stay Sober

Please do not ever be under the influence of any drug or alcohol while speeding.  You should not be driving, and speeding will just put everyone around you in danger and you are 100% liable.  Besides drugs or alcohol make sure you are paying attention to the road.  Don’t be munching on a bag of chips in one hand holding a soda in the other while controlling your steering wheel with your knees.  This is just asking for trouble.



Yes we are all guilty of glancing down at this electronic device.  It is addicting to some people and necessary to others.  If really needed, pull over and read your text or answer your call.  It is a huge distraction and causes over 1.3 million crashes a year.  Stronger laws are in the development such as a hands free driving state like Illinois.


Lastly are a couple facts I pulled from the ncs organization about speeding.  Maybe you’ll take a second look at it next time you’re given the opportunity.


  • Speeding occurs in 33% of all fatal crashes.  
  • A speeding ticket can cost $150 to more than $1,000
  • 13,000 lives lost each year due to speeding

Please be careful