Finding The Perfect Car Mod


Sometimes it can be really hard to find the right rims or the perfect exhaust system to your car.  This is why you need to know these 4 tips on where and how to find your car mods.

1Carid is one of my favorite sites to use when exploring different way to change up my vehicle.  On this site you enter in your car and then select which part you are looking for.  For example I would click on Subaru Wrx and then enter in 2017.  From here you can click on anything from Rims to interior lights.

This site is extremely helpful so you can find what does fit your car as well as a lot of options there are available.  Carid is just one of the sites you can use.  There are additional sites specifically for your car brand such as, but you must be careful to buy only the best quality and top brands or else you will most likely get stuck with a piece of plastic that will last a week.   The site that I use is  This is one of the more advanced sites where you can find the best upgrades.  Subimods is specifically a Subaru website so not everyone will have access to it, but if you do have a Subaru I highly recommend you check it out.