How To Avoid Speeding Tickets: 8 Rules To Follow

These 8 rules I've learned have kept me from ever getting a speeding ticket, despite having a heavy foot.


I know many people that have gotten over five speeding tickets in their lives and aren’t heavy on the gas pedal, and others like myself who speed every time they drive but have never gotten a ticket.

Some may argue that it comes down to luck, but I think there is far more to it than that. From instinct, knowing the roads you chose to speed on, all the way down to how you talk to a police officer, this is my guide on how I’ve avoided ever getting a speeding ticket – despite being pulled over six times in my life, five of which I was speeding during.

How To Avoid A Speeding Ticket

8Do Not Stay In The Left Lane

If you are driving at a high rate of speed and there are not many cars on the road, don’t stay in the left lane! A police officer sitting there with his radar gun will likely catch you if you are unlucky enough not to spot him first, however police officers driving in the opposing direction on the highway are far less likely to notice the large difference in your speed, lowering your chances of them doing a U-Turn and coming after you.

7Stay Vigilant: Watch Traffic In Front of You

The most important factor in avoiding a speeding ticket is having situational awareness. This means that you are constantly vigilant of cars in front of you so that if you see brake lights, or you notice that traffic is suddenly becoming more congested, you can bet that there is either an accident or a police officer up ahead waiting to give you a speeding ticket.

6Watch Opposing Traffic For Flashing Headlights

To avoid getting a speeding ticket, not only should you watch traffic coming in the opposing direction to see if someone flashes their headlights to warn you, you should also warn other drivers. It’s the right thing to do. This can become confusing though, because cars with xenon lights look like they are flashing their brights at you whenever they hit a bump in the road.

5Keep A Low Profile

If you’re going through a midlife crisis and your brain is telling you to go with the red Corvette, think about the giant target you’ll be putting on your back for police officers just waiting to find someone to give a speeding ticket to. A four door sedan in the right lane is far less likely to get a ticket than someone cruising in a yellow Lamborghini in the left lane.

4If Pulled Over, Shut Your Mouth and Be Polite

In the situation that you do get pulled over by a police officer for speeding, keep your mouth shut. When asked, present the officer with your license, registration, and proof of insurance. Know that you do not have to answer anything else after presenting the officer with the aforementioned. Stay silent, because anything you say can and will likely be used against you, and can also easily be used out of context.

In a polite manner, say that you are ‘practicing your right to stay silent’, or ‘Please speak to my lawyer’.  Smartasses don’t get warnings. Always refer to the cop as “officer” and don’t run your mouth.

3Keep Note of Where You See Police Parked

Police officers tend not to get too creative by finding new hiding places every time they setup their radar gun and prepare to give out speeding tickets. In my village, the police sit in the exact same spots every day, so I know to always drive especially slow, stop completely at stop signs, and when to not take a sip out of my beer can (just kidding, I’ve never consumed alcohol with driving).

2Fight Every Speeding Ticket In Court

In the courtroom, speeding tickets get overturned, dropped down to minor offenses, have the points removed, and even completely overturned on a regular basis. Legal arguments on both the legality of a speed-limit sign and the chain of evidence are known to work. The Supreme Court ruled in the 2009 case of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts that the sixth ammendment right to face one’s accuser applies to lab tests. In California, courts have set precedence that photo tickets are not valid unless the technician who analyzed the photo testifies in court.

1Move Your Court Date With As Little Notice As Possible

I have a friend who routinely gets out of speeding tickets by just moving the court date as many times as the courts allow him to. Police officers are required to show up in court to defend themselves and the ticket they issued, and if the officer who wrote you the speeding ticket is not present, then you automatically win. By moving the date of your ticket, you increase the odds that the police officer will have a conflicting prior engagement – like marriage counseling (since the cops that give out the most tickets are the biggest arse-holes).

Additionally, the more you inconvenience the officer, the more likely he is to weigh the opportunity cost of showing up only to learn that the date has been moved again… unless he gets the last minute notice of the change in court date.


Stay safe out there and good luck at avoiding speeding tickets! I promise that if you follow these rules, you will lessen your chances of getting pulled over and want to hug me when you pass a police officer and you’re actually going the speed limit.