Radar Detector Buyers Guide: Tips To Finding The Perfect Purchase


As the years pass, we see more and more cops on the streets.  Most of us can admit to getting a speeding ticket, or even getting pulled over. One of your biggest investments in stopping these tickets from racking in is purchasing a radar detector.

Radar detectorRadar Detectors have been used nearly in the last 50 years, and they’ve stopped millions of speeding tickets.  With the brand Escort being one of the first developers, hundreds of other companies tried duplicating this new invention with hope of making simply the “best” sensor.  As the years went on, technology got more advanced making all of the old detectors out of date.  It is important to note that there are different gun interceptors such as VG-2 or Ka and which radar detector will not only track one, but alert you to all kinds of radar guns.

Before purchasing your radar detector make sure you look up your state laws.  In the United States there are a couple states where radar detectors are illegal, so it is important to know which states these are if going on a long road trip or just daily driving.  Laws are always changing so it is important to keep informed with the latest updates.


3. Purchase Your Radar Detector Online

As much as online shopping is frowned upon, this is where you will find the best deals and comparisons.  Finding the best sites with reviews or demonstrations is where you should be looking.  For example, my favorite site to use is amazon because it is the biggest online shopping website for any product.  Here you will find the most reviews and a wide variety of options in where you will be choosing your Detector.

Another website I love to use for choosing is YouTube.  Most people do not think of this, but there are thousands of people who show demonstrations on the unboxing of the product, what the radar detector looks like, and even test driving.  When watching them test drive, they will usually highlight the segments where it does go off and the range at where it does.  You must be aware that they will not go off at every cop due to the police not having their radar guns on.