Driver Intentionally Hits Biker On Highway


Watch this video as a rider, with his girlfriend as a passenger, gets hit while trying to pass a car on a county highway.  The driver suddenly swerved while the bike was passing in the double yellow lines causing them to be thrown off the bike.


Both the driver and passenger were injured as they skidded and tumbled down the highway. The motorcyclist had to get stitches and had signs of road rash.  The girlfriend who was on the back o the bike needed surgery on her arm.  It was ground down from her elbow to wrist, leaving an open would.  The worst of it all was the driver who hit the bikes didn’t care in the slightest.  He pulled off the road and when the biker confronted them saying he nearly killed the two, the driver got out of his car and repeatedly said he didn’t care that he hit them

Biker confronts man who just hit the victim.


The driver then tried to justify it because the bike was passing on a double yellow, but the driver also had to cross the double yellow to hit them.  He later states he was stung by something such as a wasp or bee and started rubbing his leg.


Spectators gather as they hope the bike passenger is okay


The old man was later arrested on 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.