2017 Honda Civic Type R Hype


With a beautiful exterior all the way to its core engine, the 2017 civic type R is definitely a car to turn an eye.  With a 2 liter turbo engine with both horsepower and torque exceeding 300, this civic has put their best in creating the best representation of a sports car into a civic.  With a 0-60 at about 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 168, this car is incredibly smooth to drive which makes it a potential car to buy.


In the past the type r have always had a non turbo but high revving engines which attracted the classic civic lover.  The new engine does not peak to extremely high revs, but after driving the car it’s obvious the new turbo engine is better.  Producing over 100 more horsepower and torque as the past civics, this new civic is faster and shoots more of an adrenaline rush to drive.

While driving at 3k rpms this type r produces an extraordinary amount of horsepower which makes the old type r look weak.  On a dry and flat track, this car gets amazing traction and power even for being a front wheel drive car with a grippy limited slip differential.  For a 4 cylinder engine, it’s rare to find a car you can feel the power at such low rpm.  As of the sound of the drive, the car’s exhaust is flat.  All you really hear is the woosh from the turbo and not too much from the exhaust which makes it a must for most people to switch up that stock muffler.


Just a couple Cons

A small stock issue to the car as well is the stereo system.  There is little bass and with the advancement of car audio systems I’m surprised Honda has not made an improvement on the speakers.

One of the worst news about this car is the classic Honda civic problem.

The Horn…..

Yes all of you civic drivers know what i’m talking about.  The Honda civic horn has been a problem ever since the model civic was created.  It still makes you sound like a huge wimp and nobody will want to move out of your way.  So if it is that big of a deal, invest in a custom horn done either by yourself or a professional garage.


Lets get back into the positives.

This new 4 door civic’s trunk space is amazing.The interior is superb with comfortable bucket seats which makes you feel like you’re on a track daily.  Although it may not be a huge deciding factor, the shifter is something to take note on.  It sits in your hand comfortably going hand and hand with the feel of the clutch making you a confident driver.  A new feature to this new hatch-looking car is the new type-r setting the car provides.  Right next to the steering wheel you can change the car’s tuning to go into track mode which stiffens up the dampers.  As a warning it is not the most comfortable way to drive but does effect the performance slightly.  All in all, this setting is not worth turning on.



Overall the steering is sharp and light and a fantastic car to drive.  For around 35k the price does seem a little high due to being hand and hand with cars that cost less.  Spending a couple extra thousand may be worth it for an AWD car, but the classic civic fans will not turn this car down.