A Boy Passes Out From 8G's of Force While Riding In A Fighter Jetvideo

This Kid’s Expression Is Priceless From 8G’s of Force In A Fighter Jet

The look on this boy's face after hitting 8G's of force while riding in a fighter jet. Losing consciousness is a lot better than losing your lunch.
Video Captures A Barbeque Grill Falls From Truck Into Left Lanevideo

Left Lane Driver Narrowly Misses A Barbeque Which Fell Off A Truck

Nothing will wake you up faster than when you're driving in the left lane then out of nowhere are swerving to avoid a barbeque grill. This should...

Shocking Mustang Crashes (Video)

Because Mustangs are RWD(Rear Wheel Drive), it makes them vulnerable to easily lose control. This video is a mix of both Mustangs loosing control and of just idiotic drivers. If...

Auto Show You Don’t Want To Miss

Auto shows are not only a blast to show off your vehicle, but to also check out other custom builds as well.  There is a one big car show...


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