Spray The Inside Of Your Car Doors With This To Keep Them From Freezing...

Today was the first day this year that I had to scrape ice off my windshield. Even worse, my car doors were frozen shut -- and in...

Rimac Concept One vs LaFerrari (Video)

  In this video, we experience one of the fastest road cars in the world versus the world's fastest electric cars on a quarter mile drag race! The Ferrari LaFerrari vs...

Instant Road Rage Karma On Motorcycle

Check it out as the motorcycle gets angry at the SUV in front of him so he ends up following him into a neighborhood. Looks like the SUV Driver...
If Everything A Car Salesmen Said Were Truevideo

If The Typical Car Salesmen Told The Truth

Can you imagine if everything used car salespeople said was true? Me neither, but this hilarious video paints a vivid, brutally honest picture.

Rally Car Jumps Over Dog

While racing on a dirt track, a modded Mitsubishi hits a jump at the perfect time, nearly hitting a dog on the road. Check out our video section...

Shelby GT500 vs SRT4 E85 (Video)

  Ford vs Dodge? Stock Mustang vs 20 psi E85 with M/T Slicks. Who do you think will win?
Don't Make Me Pop The Trunkvideo

Driver Retaliates Against Road Raging Biker With A Hammer

Watch what happens when an enraged biker uses his helmet to smash a mans car in a fit of rage, causing the man to pop his trunk and retrieve something...

Classic Shit Civic Owners Say

If you have ever been around someone who owns a modified Honda Civic, you know that they blow more hot air out their ass than their tail pipe.

Ultimate 3 Car Street Race (Video)

Three cars are set up to race. MK7 GTI Eurodyne Stage 2 Nissan 370z 300 whp Stock 2015 5.0 Mustang GT The Volkswagon GTI is no joke.  Even...

Meet The 575 HP Supercharged Raptor-Fighting Ram Truck

At the state fair of Texas we get a short video showing generally what this beast is all about. Could this be the ultimate off-road concept truck? Find out...


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