How To Guides

How To Guides

Learn how to drive manual, change your cars oil, fix a flat tire, drive at high speeds, rules of the road, avoid speeding tickets, and all the other necessary things that every automobile owner should know.

Easiest Way To PlastiDip Your Rims

Changing the color of your rims adds a nice touch to the looks of your car, but painting them can be a long process and even a...

Radar Detector Buyers Guide: Tips To Finding The Perfect Purchase

As the years pass, we see more and more cops on the streets.  Most of us can admit to getting a speeding ticket, or even getting pulled...

How To Avoid Speeding Tickets: 8 Rules To Follow

I know many people that have gotten over five speeding tickets in their lives and aren't heavy on the gas pedal, and others like myself who speed...


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