450Hp Evo X vs GTR Street Race

Everyone would love to drive a GTR, but can an Evo keep up? Find out in the video and leave your comments below!
My 2014 Infiniti Q50 AWD Premium

International Infiniti North Shore: A Customers Worst Nightmare

I've been as devoted of an Infiniti customer as they come, so when the third Infiniti I have owned before the age of 25 was stolen twice...

Radar Detector Buyers Guide: Tips To Finding The Perfect Purchase

As the years pass, we see more and more cops on the streets.  Most of us can admit to getting a speeding ticket, or even getting pulled...

How To Avoid Speeding Tickets: 8 Rules To Follow

I know many people that have gotten over five speeding tickets in their lives and aren't heavy on the gas pedal, and others like myself who speed...


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