Motorcycle Crash Compilation!

Motorcycles can be extremely dangerous even if handled properly. Here is funniest motorcycle fails, motorcycle crashes, and motorcycle wins videos. Leave comments Below!

Road Rage Instant Karma in Vancouver (Video)

Check out this funny video as a Honda civic, driving in an illegal lane, tries passing all of the traffic. Things don't end up too well with him. Funniest...
Don't Make Me Pop The Trunkvideo

Driver Retaliates Against Road Raging Biker With A Hammer

Watch what happens when an enraged biker uses his helmet to smash a mans car in a fit of rage, causing the man to pop his trunk and retrieve something...

Snowmobile Races Ferrari 458 and F430 Spider in Drag Race!

Now this will probably the strangest thing you'll see today!!! During Modball Rally 2015 at Varano de Melegari racetrack in Italy, here filmed is a Snowmobile drag racing against...

Ferrari Crashes During Street Race vs GTR (Video)

On a highway while a Nissan GTR is racing a Ferrari 458 Spider, the Ferrari driver makes a vicious turn, cutting off the GTR. Either the driver of the...

The All New Trans AM Bandit Edition

Signed by Burt Reynolds, the legendary Trans Am is back!  With a total of 77 models being created, the new Trans AM SE Bandit Edition will be...

Ultimate 3 Car Street Race (Video)

Three cars are set up to race. MK7 GTI Eurodyne Stage 2 Nissan 370z 300 whp Stock 2015 5.0 Mustang GT The Volkswagon GTI is no joke.  Even...

Think Twice Before Running From The Cops

As soon as we see those lights we instantly consider the escape, but this is truly never the smartest choice. Remember not all cops are out there to...
Cameraman Drives Through Detroit At Night And Captures Horrifying Lawlessnessvideo

Cameraman Films The Horrors of Driving Through Detroit At Night

One brave cameraman drove through Detroit at night, what he films is more terrifying than anything you imagined. You won't take your safety for granted!

Shelby GT500 vs SRT4 E85 (Video)

  Ford vs Dodge? Stock Mustang vs 20 psi E85 with M/T Slicks. Who do you think will win?


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