Stancewars 2016 | Bellevue, WA

Stancewars You simply cannot be interested in cars and not know about these events. Especially being in Seattle where the event originated and has grown to become easily...

H20i Ocean City 2016 The Strip

H2O International is a Volkswagen and Audi car show that took place over the first weekend of October. Thousands of people flock to the near by Ocean City...

The Audi TTS Is a Great Design before Anything Else. I’m Okay with That

Make no mistake: I was deeply honored to be invited to take part in the deliberations toward selecting the 2017 10Best. I spent five days driving 40-­some...

Audi RS6 Takes Police On A Car Chase They’ll Never Forget

Watch an 2003 Audi RS6 take the police on a car chase they are never going to forget. Watch as the Audi roars up to it's 189.6 MPH top speed and the police try to keep up.


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