2017 Honda Civic Type R Hype

With a beautiful exterior all the way to its core engine, the 2017 civic type R is definitely a car to turn an eye.  With a 2...

When Prius Drivers Get MAD!!

When Prius drivers get mad.. A Man getting yelled at for driving a 'gas guzzlin' piece o shit.' Check out more of our videos in the video section above!

Porsche Car Crash Compilation

A compilation of Porsche crashes!! Everyone who loves a Porsche will probably cringe at the sight of them getting destroyed, but it's a pretty great car crash compilation with...

The Audi TTS Is a Great Design before Anything Else. I’m Okay with That

Make no mistake: I was deeply honored to be invited to take part in the deliberations toward selecting the 2017 10Best. I spent five days driving 40-­some...

Dinan Releases New Power Kit For BMW M2 With 446 Horsepower!!

Earlier this year, Dinan introduced its first power kit for the new BMW M2. Dubbed S1, the kit offered just 31 extra horsepower and 31 … Earlier this...

200+HP B20VTEC Civic EF vs C7 Corvette & Turbo Cobalt

Is the turnout as you expected? Click the link below for more drag races http://leftlanedriver.com/category/videos/

Audi RS6 Takes Police On A Car Chase They’ll Never Forget

Watch an 2003 Audi RS6 take the police on a car chase they are never going to forget. Watch as the Audi roars up to it's 189.6 MPH top speed and the police try to keep up.

EVO X | Stance Nation

Waking up while everything as still frozen was no easy task. Add filming and working with gear as cold as ice on top of that, you're gonna...

Maria “Evo Girl” Rides In 1200HP BEAST Supra!

Last time Maria got featured with her awesome Evo VIII. As you've seen Maria loves taking her friends/family for a ride in her Evo and scaring the piss...

Ferrari Crashes During Street Race vs GTR (Video)

On a highway while a Nissan GTR is racing a Ferrari 458 Spider, the Ferrari driver makes a vicious turn, cutting off the GTR. Either the driver of the...


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