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Many new technologies provide opportunities for companies like Ford to develop automobile breakthroughs and innovative ideas. By using advances into hybrid technology, Ford has developed a sport hybrid utility vehicle. This advancement, using the previous ideas generated for small vehicles, allows the popular SUV to produce the same responsible resource saving results. With this system, the vehicle can operate on the electric motor alone, the gasoline engine alone or both together” (Ford, 2009). Hybrid vehicles are part of the going green trend, and often qualify owners for a tax deduction and lower gas prices throughout the year. Ford has also used innovation to introduce the all-wheel drive technology to sedans and crossovers, with the introduction of the AWD Ford Five Hundred and Freestyle and Mercury Montego.” (Ford, 2009). This all-wheel drive technology will help small cars maintain better control by reducing the risk of wheels slipping during unfavorable weather conditions like rain or snow, a technology only previously available on sport utility vehicles.

At McGonigal Buick GMC, we like to think of ourselves as an all-in-one Kokomo auto dealership. Your Regional Marion GMC, Buick source offers parts and service to get you back on the road quickly. Our collision center is staffed by collision repair specialists who will help to restore your damaged vehicle. We will work with you to explore different financing options If you are looking to customize your car, you can request parts , GM accessories and tires online. As your Marion source in Kokomo, we want to make the car-buying experience as easy as possible for you. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us We look forward to serving you soon at McGonigal Buick GMC.

Todd Zywicki, a bankruptcy expert at George Mason University , highly doubts that GM would have faced liquidation. Because the company was financially distressed—after years of poor management—but not economically nonviable. In short – just the type of situation the bankruptcy laws were designed for. If GM had put together a credible restructuring plan, it would have been able to obtain debtor-in-possession financing under which, as the name suggests, the debtors would have essentially possessed the company. This would have allowed it to emerge as a more streamlined entity. Without needing $49.5 billion +/- of the taxpayer’s dollars.

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