Business has ups and downs. And Ministry of Finance should not be protecting Auto Dealers from the GST consequences. If auto prices go down let the customer benefit in full. When prices go up, the Auto Dealers make the customers take the fall. It is wrong to allow Auto Dealers to fix a price to recoup losses on cars in stock due to GST application. In that way, future customers will be paying higher cost always because greed has no bound.

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So go get some very soft old rags and take a careful check on them that there’s not any buttons, zips, even hard seams before you start. Start on the roof. Do one side by applying in straight movements, not circles and rub it into the paint until you are starting to rub it off again. Then get another dry rag and rub the dry polish right off the paint. Go around the other side of the roof and do the same thing. You’ll need about a square inch of polish for each side. When first learning about how to clean a car you can’t avoid getting the polish onto rubber strips etc – just take it off immediately. In your kit of car detailing products if you buy the one above you’ll have another bottle of liquid in it that you can use later to buff all the rubber up and make that like new again.

Even more important then the customers that made a purchase is those that did not purchase a vehicle. Stay in touch with them, do not become a nuisance by doing so. Inform them that you will be calling them, so it comes as no surprise. Do not hesitate to call a prospect, if they realize you are attentive, they may decide to purchase from you simply because they have come to believe you are diligent in your duties. This might be exactly what they are looking for in a sales person. Even if they inform you that they bought elsewhere, ask for the referral! If you have done your job in a professional manner, no one will have an issue recommending you. The worst that can happen is ay they do not know anyone. That’s it, the worse thing that could happen. Ask for referrals!

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