A Buyer’s Guide to the Auto Industry in Dubai


Automobiles are the major force behind the rapid growth of the transport system all over the world. As economy of developing countries is rising so is their demand for personal vehicle. The driving force behind this growth consists majorly sale of cars and Bike. Auto Industry is expected torise, a recent report shared data on number of cars sold since the year 1990 to 2018. The report clearly shows a steady 2 million + increase in car sales every year since 2015 around the globe. A key factor behind it has been the consistent growth in demand from People republic of China.

Premium Car industry is also benefitting from the same, like of Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other are also enjoying the steady growth. In fact, one city Dubai has the highest per capita spending on luxury cars than any other regions in the world. As Economy of Dubai will continue to flourish so will be the demand for Cars.

Buying a Car in Dubai is much easier, and the procedure is less complex than in other western countries, if someone is deciding whether to import the car to Dubai or Buy a new one; he should consider the latter as it will be economical to buy a car in Dubai as the prices are comparatively low. People can buy a car by walking into the showroom like in old-fashioned way, along with that thereareclassified websites in Dubai, which have also emerged providing petrol heads an easy and efficient way of finding used vehicles at a very modest price. However, there are certain terms one should keep in mind while buying a used car. Car insurance paperwork, passport (If from another country) or Local ID proofs, previous registration card (Only If applicable), Car inspection certificate. Owners have to re-register the car every year in order to avoid legal complications.

Buying luxury Used cars for sale in Dubai is economical as compared to other major cities such as London or New York, Gas price and Insurance combined can cost excessively high in other cities and in Dubai it is significantly less. If searched well one can easily find a very good deal on used Luxury cars in Dubai. Lack of emission taxes and special registration fees for luxury cars makes the deal even sweeter for ones looking to try their hand on Premium Vehicles. It is easier to be lucky and can land a deal on a bespoke version, as most of the Luxury car buyers tend to buy vehicles loaded with expensive customization.

Cars from Japanese manufacturers dominates the used car industry where brands such as Toyota and Nissan dominates with 10 to 11{342c6c83711b1e4719c2be635178bc25acb9ce8b0eca0c5830520c71132acb2d} share each, German manufacturers are also not far behind as BMW and Mercedes are occupying 3rd and 4th position respectively, a report suggests.

For maintenance, various roadside organizations are available in Dubai that promises to provide owners a piece of mind in themidst of scorching heat of Dubai if any sudden breakdown happens. However, that type of service requires having a subscription from these organizations.

In conclusion, buying a vehicle is a major decision and in Dubai, the process has been simplified with ease in taxation, maintenance cost, and cheap fuel. These factors will continue to fuel the automotive industry in Dubai.