4 Ideas For Turning Your Boring Old Chevy In An Exciting Car Again

4 Ideas For Turning Your Boring Old Chevy In An Exciting Car Again

Turning your car into a much nicer vehicle requires a couple fun additions that you can easily make. You will find that you can use body kits, a new engine and an interior change to make your car so much more exciting than it is today.

Consider how you can pull this off when you are making your car into something new, and you should start investing in little things that will add up to a much better vehicle.

JC Whitney was founded in 1915 and is a retailer of aftermarket auto and truck parts, and suggests you upgrade your vehicle by making:

  • Body Modifications

This is a fairly simple thing to do. Buy a body kit that was made for your Chevy, and you can make the car look sportier or more bulky.

You will find that you can invest in a body kit that you can attach to the car in any way that you want, or you could go to a mechanic who will let you see how the car will turn out.

Some of the things you could change, says JC Whitney, include: headlights and headlight dimmers; bumpers, brake pads, horns, transmissions and more.

You could also ask them about a new engine.

  • …Which bring us to… A New Engine

You can either have your engine tweaked to run differently, or you could have a new one installed.

This is a popular thing to do because you can purchase the engine for less money, get the engine used from a junkyard, or buy a new engine that was designed to work with a cars like yours.

You could put a small block V in your Chevy even if it did not have one before. Your mechanic can adjust the car to run with this engine, and you will love driving because of the symphony of sound you get from the car.

  • Change The Interior

You can change the interior of the car by replacing the seats, covering the seats, replacing the steering wheel, and changing the stereo.

You can make all the little changes to the car that are needed to make it look brand new, and you can make the interior look beautiful with a new color that you would not normally get from a dealership.

  • Change The Grill Or Emblem

You can make a final few touches to the car that include the grill and the emblem on the hood. You can make the car look perfect, and you will find that you could use these things to make the car stand out.

In Summary…

Of course, you could paint the car, and you are welcome to add graphics or stripes to the car. But why stop there?

You can compliment your body kit, engine, and interior with these small additions so that your car looks even more powerful than when it left the factory.