Local Freight Truck Driving: ACareer for The Long Haul

Everywhere you look today big rig truck drivers are crisscrossing the nation hauling goods that consumers need every day. Truck drivers are an integral part of the commerce chain. Whether someone is a seasoned trucker or a new owner-operator there is a call to action nationwide for well-qualified truck drivers. If a driver has a 2-axle truck, CDL Class A with double endorsements and a California DMV CA# permit they’re a great fit for many truck driver jobs driving local loads. It’s easy to get with a good company offering dedicated hard-working owner-operators a chance to work with new equipment and a great staff

Typically there are a couple different haul types, both with merits but each fill a different need personally and economically. One is the over-the-road hauler or what is known as OTR work. This is where the driver covers large distances and is hardly home or in …

How to Transport Legally Via aTruck

If you’re planning to transport something, whether it is a truckload of supplies, a mobile home or some other large-scale item, you’re going to need to have the proper permits and knowledge of how to do this type of transport. If you do not have the right transport information, you’re risking being stopped, receiving tickets and fines while also taking the chance that the truck will be hauled away because it is not legally on the road and cannot be driven. This is especially vital to know if you are planning to do a truck transport from one state to another, so you need the proper information to get the job done.

The Permits You’ll Need

When it comes to trucking permits, you’re going to want to work with your local DMV and truck transport organization. They will be able to give you the proper permits so that you …

4 Ideas For Turning Your Boring Old Chevy In An Exciting Car Again

4 Ideas For Turning Your Boring Old Chevy In An Exciting Car Again

Turning your car into a much nicer vehicle requires a couple fun additions that you can easily make. You will find that you can use body kits, a new engine and an interior change to make your car so much more exciting than it is today.

Consider how you can pull this off when you are making your car into something new, and you should start investing in little things that will add up to a much better vehicle.

JC Whitney was founded in 1915 and is a retailer of aftermarket auto and truck parts, and suggests you upgrade your vehicle by making:

  • Body Modifications

This is a fairly simple thing to do. Buy a body kit that was made for your Chevy, and you can make the car look sportier or more bulky.

You will find …